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Shenzhen CXWON Technology CO.,Ltd was founded in 2008, is a professional company for research & development, manufacturing led lights. The company produces a new generation of compact energy saving lamps and LED lighting products. In recent years, companies have been grown in the possession of strong technical force and high-quality support of scientific research personnel. In last years, we successfully exploited LED Slim Flood light...
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13 2016-12

Annual inventory: TV concept mount

Panel prices, for Internet TV brand, the pressure will be greater than traditional brand. Traditional big because of sca...

13 2016-12

Internet TV lead to industry profit margins

2016 color TV market sales rose 8.9% in the third quarter, but retail sales fell 5.9% year on year. Rise in price, has b...

26 2016-09

Taught you how to four pink colour makeup

In the bloomy spring season, pink is the absolute main color. Today season powder is absolutely different from the previ...

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